First Timers

Here you will find information that we hope will help you, if you decide, to join us and be prepared to take part in our event.

  • Starts at noon on Friday and ends around 3ish' pm on Sunday
  • Please pick up your packet on Friday, at the Registration Tent,   from 10:30 on.  Here you will find your 1 guaranteed class, the rest of the classes you sign up for at the event. 

  • Ages 13 to 16 require that you read and sign our "Young Ladies Rules/Contract".
  • All participants must be in 1780-1840 attire.  This includes the following: American Colonial, North American Indian & Mountain Man style. We have clothing available for those that need attire through our Granny's Closet.  All we ask, is please let us know what you need and size before the event.  Bring appropriate footwear for the weather.
  • Our gates open up for camp set-up on Thursday at 9 am in our Primitive, Modern Tent and RV areas.   You must check in first.
  • WPS 101 information talk is for First Timers to take, to help you understand the ins and  outs of our event.
  • Before filling out your registration form please go to our Classes page.  List your top 3 class choices, that you would like to take.  By doing this we can guarantee that you will get at least 1 of your top 3 choices.  Keep in mind that we have registration open every morning for that day's classes, so your day will be full.  If, for some reason you change your mind on a class that you have chosen and will not be attending it, please return the card for that class to the registration tent prior to the class time, so that someone else can have a chance to attend it.  Also, keep in mind that we are giving you the knowledge to do the projects at home.
  • Please be on time for classes so that everyone's day can go smoother.  It will also help you in your class to have your own chair, and a container (example a basket) for your scissors, pins, sewing needles and anything else that may have been listed in your class description.
  • We have porta potties on site for your convenience.  We ask that nothing but the 3 "P's" go in, "Pee, Poop and Paper (toilet paper)".
  • There is some drinking water on site.  There is no dumpster or trash cans available, so please pack your trash out.
  • We have a potluck on Friday and Saturday evening, we ask that you "Bring a Dish, Share a Dish" also, you will need to bring a plate and eating utensils.  If you can avoid plastic containers we would appreciate it.  When the potluck is over please remember to pick up the dish/container that you brought.  If the container is left it may be auctioned off.
  • If you have a dog, please bring a copy of its up to date shot records.  Remember that you are responsible for keeping it leashed at all times, making sure of where it takes care of its business and you need to pick up said business, large or small.                           Please be a responsible owner, Thank You

What to bring for yourself.

Chair, cover if not period correct.

Dish, silverware, glass or cup, no plastic bottles unless covered in cloth or leather bag.

Bag or basket for scissors, pins, sewing needles, etc for classes.  Also, any  thing else that may have been listed in the class description.

Be prepared for rain or shine.

There is a Fred Meyers and other Convenience Store close to our event.

If you have any other questions concerning our event please contact me at with  the words "WPS Question" in the subject line.

More tips to come

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