Activities for 2019


A Social Event held in the Primitive Camping area.  Come join them in friendly swapping of fun and conversation.  

Camp Fire

It is the center of Primitive Camp. This is where the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Blessing of the Camp, and Evening socializing is and is not far from the potluck area, seminars and Traders Row (that's shopping ladies).   It is also a nice place just to sit and relax if the opportunity should arise.  


We have a pot luck on  Saturday evening.  Bring a dish, Share a dish.  Please have your dish in a primitive container.  We also ask that once the pot luck is over make sure that your dish is picked up.  The sooner everything is cleaned up, and put away, the sooner the fun can continue.  

This year our Friday night pot luck will be a dinner provided by WPS to celebrate our 20th Year.  You are still welcome to bring a dish but it is optional.

Fry Bread Demo

Karla/Many Shots will show you how she makes Fry Bread and hopes you stay around to sample the goods.  

Round Robin

Round Robin -is a trading event where you put an item on the blanket that you would like to trade and give some of its history, such as what it is was it made or where you got it etc, and if anyone likes what they see they put their item (s) out and explain it.  If you like anything you see you trade with that person and say fair trade.  If you don't like anything that was put out then you say no trade and we move on to the next item for trade.  It can be a lot of fun to see what people have to trade and what they are willing to trade for, which sometimes can be quite surprising.  It can also be a good way to pick up items you like or might need. 

           Money & Candy, unless homemade are NOT a trade item.

Seneca Run

Our Seneca Run will be held in the primitive area.