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Many Shots, Ball Buster, Smokin', Comes Lately, Slapped Women, Broken Moon, Sparrow Hawk,


 Bare Foot Annie, Hot Ass, ShortCake, The Queen and Chickadee





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Sparrow Hawk 



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Comes Lately






 Ball Buster & Smokin



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Broken Moon





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Bare Foot Annie & Chickadee



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Hot Ass



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The Queen




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The scholarship itself is a fund that we have set up to help anyone down on their luck that may not be able to afford registration cost for any given year.



The scholarship is funded by people who would like to give a little extra in memory of Susie "Big Eagle" when they register, be it .25 cents or more.  You can apply for yourself or for a friend.  Contact any of the names on the flyer for information to apply.


WPS 1999 Council

Our first Skills weekend was titled " Rendezvous 101W: Pre-1840 Skills for Women Only" 


Booshway: No Bull aka  Beth Sheets


Segundo: Many Shots aka Karla Hillberg


Ball  Buster aka Renita Foust


Broken Moon aka Cathy Giancoli


Comes Lately aka Kimberley Kormas


Little Bit aka Lynette Dorsey


Mammy Yoakum aka Laura Slye


Season Women aka Helen Sick


Slapped Women aka Sandy Merrigan


Smokin aka Kathy Vanarsdale


Sticky Buns aka Kathy Godby


the other 27women and 3 children that were in attendance  were:

        Ann Clark

Lisa Mitchell and

Pam Tate

        Blossom aka Donna Kirkman

Daughters Emily  & Kelly 

Pearl Washburn

        Emily Nesbitt

Margaret Durocher

Shirley Dilger

        Florence Genovia

Margaret Florio

Spirit Wolf aka Dennetta Jones

        Janis E. Peppan

Martha Suttmeier

Sue Parker aka Big Eagle

        Jodene Vaughan

Maureen Settle

Teri Kiehl

        Judith Smith

Michele Rice and

Terry Smith

        Lark Schwartz

Daughter Sage

Tina Miller

        Linda Hansen

Nicole Sheets

Vivian Florio

That is a total of 37 women and 3 children.