Classes from Years Past and Past Wonderful Activities


Archery  Linda will have you shooting the bulls eye in no time at all, ok so you will be close.

Bead History  Sparrow Hawk will share her wisdom of beads.

Beaded Bracelet Burning Blanket is going to have you making a beaded bracelet using the Herring Bone Stitch.

Beaded Chain   Jenn will be teaching us how to make a beaded chain. It can be made into a necklace, bracelet or anything else that needs a chain. Dependent only on how hard people want to work.

Beading Around a Stone Emil will show you how to bead with a stone at the center of your creation. 

Belts   The Queen & ShortCake are going to having you think outside the box with these one of a kind belts.

Blacksmithing  Hot Ass has discovered the love of blacksmithing and is going to show you the ins and outs. She is doing S hooks that are most useful.

Canvas Rug Hucks Hawk is again doing her painted canvas rug. So if you missed it last year and happened to see the wonderful results, don't miss it this year.

Cathedral Quilt   Joe will have you falling in love with these quilt squares. Don't have a sewing machine, that's ok because you don't need one.

Cockade Applique After you have taken Jen's class you will be decorating everything from your hat to your shoes and everything in between .

Cooking a Turkey in Clay Many Names is doing a demo.

Dance Donna will have you up and dancing in no time at all.

Drop Spindle Jamie will be having you spinning roving into yarn, If you have a drop spindle please bring it, if not not to worry we have one with your name on it.

Embroidery Debra will give an overview of popular embroidery styles of the period and teach basic stitches that can be used in many projects. Supplies will be provided or bring even weave cloth, embroidery floss, needles and scissors.

English Paper Piecing   Debra is showing a different technic of quilting. Ah the things you will be able to do with this one.

Felt Applique   Ball Buster is having a bit of a time trying to think of what you can use this felt applique on. As of now she is not sure what you will be taking home with you. Be it a scissor pouch, pocket, belt cover...... the list is endless.

Felted Soap Carrie and Becky's class is a clean one. They will have you taking a bar of soap and putting a wonderful cover over it and you will be one of the few with really clean hands when all is done.

Finger Weaving    Donna is going to have your fingers busy, busy, busy and in the end you will have created something wonderful.

Folded Star   TeeHeeHee can fold paper 3 times and end up with a star, and by the end of her class you to will able to also.

Gourds  You will not believe what you can make out of a Gourd. Come join Linda and let your hands do some wonderful things.

Hat Decorating Pretty Patty likes pretty things including hats. She will make sure that your hat is pretty too.

Horse Shoe Art   Sue has a knack for taking a plain old horse shoe and tuning it into a work of art.

Hot Pads Bare Foot Annie & Chickadee have the plans for hot pads that will help you from not getting your fingers burnt. Come join them in either knitting or crocheting your own hot pads. If you knit or crochet great, but if not, not to worry she will have you crocheting one .

 Journal Making Sherrie will have you making your own journal so you can make notes on your classes and other thoughts.

Knife Sharping Image result for knife with wood handle Heather will show you how to sharpen knives and the different types of steel.

Knot Tying Skirts Afire wants to make sure that your lodge poles don't ever fall off your wagon so she will have you tying the knots that work best.

Lantern Mindy will show you what you can do with 2 pieces of wood and some rope, ok so you will also need a chimney, a candle, and a match.

Leather Pouch Lynn is not only having you make a pouch but will show you how to use the proper tools.

Meat Smoking Christy will have you persevering your meat in this most delicious way.

Medicinal Herbal Lotion   Heidi knows how important medicinal and herbal lotions can be. So she wants you to be able to make your own.

Mini Basket How to make Miniature Baskets:   Many Names will having you do a most wonderful little basket that you will love for years to come. 

Miniature Butterfly Shirt  Image result for native american butterfly shirt Sparrow Hawk will be showing you the technique to making a Butterfly Shirt that in the end will fit a Teddy Bear or Doll.

Rifle & Pistol   Maureen knows how important safety is when handling fire arms is. So if you ever wanted to be able to shot and more importantly how to be safe please join Maureen on the range.  

Sewing Kit    Roxie has come up with her own pattern for a very handy and useful sewing kit.

Silk Embroidery  Carrie and Becky will have you working with silk embroidery and creating a work of art.

Sugar Scrub Ball Buster wants everyone to be sweet and clean and she will show you how with a little bit of sugar and other secret ingredients how to blend them all together to make your own scrub. 

Thimble Earrings Jeannette will be teaching Everyone will want a pair of these cute accessories. Walk away with a beautiful set of one of a kind earrings

Trekking Bag Thinking of going on a trek this summer? Then Linda 's Trekking bag is just the thing you need.

Tulip Bag   Bare Foot Annie has this wonderful bag that is so very handy for carrying everything from your change to your knitting in. Don't go by the picture, as this one ShortCake made to look like a strawberry.

Walking Stick Ok so this one has me intrigued, not sure what it is going to look like but I think it is a class I want to take.

WPS Orientation 101 This is a very important class for all first time attendees to our event. ShortCake will be talking over the layout, procedures, rules and expectations of the event.  Please bring your questions. Open to all attendees.


Appalachian Dulcimer Drum Rider will be teaching you the basics of playing the Appalachian Dulcimer. You will not be an expert by the end of this class, it is more of a class to get you familiar with the Dulcimer and how it is played and held.  It should be a fun and informal class that may interest you in getting a dulcimer for yourself. 


Advanced Knot Tying & Splicing- The skill of using simple materials to build strong knots that can be used for many things, such as tension lines for poles or tying tripods together etcetera is taught in this class by Dog Spit.  Come on over and find out how to get some knots tied on.  Y 16 and up

All About Acorns - Ever wondered how to make those acorns edible? Mary will demonstrate this feat and give you some ideas on how to use them.  

Appliqué Beading Learn how to appliqué beads to create a woodland design with Dorothy. When you are finished you will have a beautifully decorated black broadcloth carry bag.  Y Adults only


Apron  - Want to make an apron like our dutch oven cooks wear? Want to keep your outfit clean while doing those camping chores?  Let show you how to make this practical cover up.   Y Ages 16 and up 

Archery Guard -

Basic Crochet - You will be hooked on crochet as Debbie helps you create a handy pot holder while teaching you the basics of crochet.

Basic Knot Tying  Dog Spit will show you how to do some great knot tying, so there will be no more excuses to why your poles fell of the truck/trailer.

Bare Bones - Smokin' will share some very basics learned over the years. A leather skirt will be cut and assembled right before your eyes. Simple foods and recipes will be shared. Learn how to wash your hair with only 2 cups of water and other great camp hints. This will be a very casual session with time for questions and answers, too.   

Basic Knitting  - taught by Knitting Granny .   Y materials furnish for   Y 16 and up                                                           


Basket~ - will  help you make a small tote basket from natural reed. Straps are made from cotton webbing so this will make a perfect basket for primitive rondys. Make a basket of your own in this class. Y Additional $10. materials cost for this class.  Y Age 16 and up

Basket Necklace - You will learn to make a small cedar basket necklace with optional beads making the cordage for your necklace in this 3 hr. seminar.  

Beaded Earrings   is bringing you another one of her wonderful beading projects.  This  time she will be showing you how to make a wonderful pair of earrings. Y Ages 16 and up, earrings will be similar/ not the same.

Beaded Feather~ ~ will be teaching you how to decorate a feather with leather and beads. but I do ask if there are any children in the class if they could have an adult present to help. 

Beaded Flat Necklace ~   will have you beading a new necklace in no time at all in this flat pattern.

Bead History ~  ~ will discuss the history of beads and their uses during the Mountain Man era. 

Bobbin Lace Demo~ ~  ~is going to show you how to shuffle the bobbins to make this beautiful intricate lace.

Bog Coat  ~ ~ Want to stay warm, but you don't want to wear a long capote? Let help you make an easier and less complicated alternative.  Bring a medium to light weight wool blanket or heavy yardage.  Heavy Cotton or linen works well, too. Y Age 16 and up       To determine the yardage needed;   Width is the largest measurement from wrist to wrist or around largest part of body.{whichever is largest}                                                                                                                Length is the measurement from waist up and over shoulder to bottom of coat. {you determine length thigh or knee}

Beading Around A Stone~ show you how to bead with a stone at the center of your creation. This is just what the title implies.

Beaded Corn Earrings--    Using beads and cornhusk  We will help you make these very unique and lovely earrings.  Y Adults only 

Beaded Edging - We would like to show you some different beaded edges that you can apply to some of you projects to enhance them.   

Beaded Flower Pin Just what it sounds like! We will show you how to make a beautiful beaded pin using a  flower design . This is real similar to the technique that the Métis use. Y Age 13 and up 

Beaded Rosette - -We will have you going round and round with your beading so that you end up with a circle of beads that is called a rosette.


Beaded Needle Case - Make this functional and decorative accoutrement. Samantha is going to show you how to cover your needle case with the gourd stitch (peyote) to make it look more decorative.

Beaded Small Star Earrings - Twinkle, twinkle little star, We will teach you how to create this sparkling wonders.  

Beaded Tab We will showing you how to bead an ornamental tab using a variety of basic beading stitches.   Y Ages 16 and up.

Bed - Getting tired of sleeping on the ground? Want some were to stash you stuff? Well Ball Buster and the Princess are going to help and the beds don't take up a lot of room when stored. Y Adults only$

Bees Wax Lip Balm - Let  show you how to make a balm to soothe those chapped lips. You will leave the knowledge of how to make more and a container of some to last you until you do.  

Biscuits - Want the perfect bisques every time?  We will have you doing them in a Dutch oven and are they ever good!  

Blindfold Walk -  will guide you through a nature walk using blindfolds to enhance your senses as you become intimately aware of your surroundings.  Everyone who has taken this class in the past say it is a blast.

Bloomers - What do you wear under that dress? Gina will show you how to make bloomers, those ever-popular undergarments from a bygone era.

Bonnet Making -,Bonnet.jpg~ will show you how to make a bonnet that she came up with and would like to share with you in this seminar.  What is really neat is that it is also a Apron.   If you have a Sewing machine you are wilcome to bring it.

Bow String - Do you like Archery?  Ever wondered if you could make the bow string your self?  This is the class foryou.  Let us show you how it is done. Y 16 and up

Bone Choker -  We will show you how to make a neck ornament using hair bone pipes, pony beads, leather spacers, and a center piece. This is something you can wear with pride after you make it yourself.

Bow Loom Weaving - - We will be teaching you how to weave beads using a bow loom.

Bread History- We are doing a demo on the History of Bread

Broom Making-  You can get rid of the cobwebs and dirt with your own broom make from a branch and broom corn. Y Age 16 and up.

Butter ~ ~ We will show you how to shake your dairy and you will be able to butter anything up.

Candle Lantern ~ Absolutely essential for every camp, a glass and wood lantern to shield you candle from the breezes. We will share the skills and techniques to fashion your own by the end of class.  Y Age 16 and up

Copper Wire Beads ~  ~will be showing you how to take Copper Wire and Pound it in to  Necklace Pieces that will be connected with leather to make a necklace to adorn any outfit.  She will also {demo how to pound pennies and washers these make dress decorations and/or shawl pins.}  

Candle Wicking - We are going to help you make French Knots with style. You will embellish a dish towel with Candle Wicking. Not only is it something to use around camp, it will look nice, too.

Canning~ will show you the art of canning that has been around sense the early 1800.

Canvas Cooler Cover - using canvas and your cooler you will learn how to cover it so that it can be left out and no plastic will show.  You can paint it at your leisure later.

Capote Cut Out - Do you dread making that first cut in your wool blanket. Learn how to layout and then cut out your capote. You won't be cold in the winter!  

Carding- We will show how get the knap of that wool all going in one direction so that it is easier to work with.

Canvas Rain Cover ~  Tired of getting wet in the rain? will be helping you make a period correct rain cover.  If you have a Sewing machine you are welcome to bring it.

Card Weaving~  will help you learn to weave wool into a cloth band just like you would on a loom only this is a portable method. Y Ages 16 and up

Cedar Bark Basket -

Cheese Making - - We will show you how to make your own cheese at Rendezvous or home.

Chemise - We will teach you how to make this very versatile garment warn as a night gown, dress or under a skirt as a top.  Y Must have sewn on a machine before, and Adults only

Closures- is going to take you through many types of closures of the period.  Where do you use certain closures?  Did you make a dorset button or other type of closure and then didn't quite know what to do with it?  This is the class that will give you some ideas.

Clothing Talk - We will answer your questions 7 show demos of clothing worn in the black powder era.

Coat/Poncho -


Cordage -

Coffee Roasting - Even though we are camping primitively, there are some comforts we simply do not do with out. Coffee is one of them and now you can learn to roast your own coffee beans. Sunshine shares the techniques to doing this over a fire and the whole camp is the better for it.

Cooking Over a Camp Fire - - We will show you some of the ins and outs of cooking over a camp fire.  Such as how to get a coal bed and keep it going.  When to cook over a flame and when to use a coal bed.  What types of wood are best and what type to avoid.

Counted Cross Stitch - As easy as 1-2-3. Learn this simple way to create lovely embroidery.  

Create a Design  - Making a project, and want to put a design on it? Not sure how or what you want? We will help you through the steps to create your design in this hands on class, Y If you have a project that need some design help bring it with you to the class. Y Ages 13 and up

Crewel Work~ we will have you doing beautiful crewel work that you can apply to items around your home.  (pic is not actually what you will be doing just and an example)

Crochet Day Cap - is a lovely and traditional small cap. We will walk you through the easy steps to creating this flattering and feminine cap. Y Basic crochet skills  Y Adult only

Crochet Rag Rug - is a fun and easy rug to make.  We will help you make this cozy to your feet crochet rag fug made out of 1 inch strips of scrap fabric and a P size crochet hook.  Y If you have your own scrap material that you would like to use then bring it and if you have your own  P size crochet hook then feel free to bring it as well if you want.

Crochet Towel Topper- - Would you like to know how to make a handy towel that is very easy to hang?   Then this is the class for you.   We have the technique down and will show you how it is done in this class.  Y need basic crochet skills, also if you have a "G" and a "F" hook please bring them with you to class.

Customs & Speech of the Era -

Deaths Head Button ~  image.jpeg ~  ~Learn to wrap thread around a form to make these

Dipped Candles ~ ~ Love the smell of beeswax? Enjoy the warm glow of candle light at dusk? Come have fun and learn how to dip your way to creating candles.

Dorset Button ~ ~ is going to show you how to cover metal rings using thread to make these buttons.  Popular from the 1700's-1800's.  YAges 16 and up

Draw String Pouch ~ will be showing us how to make a draw string pouch.

Dream Catcher/Bracelet~ Keeping the bad dreams away is what it is designed for and  will help you make one of your very own. After you have learned how to do the dream catcher weave 

Drop Spindle Demo ~ ~ ~Many Names will be doing a demo of this portable method of spinning. Taking wool and making it into yarn .

Dance Note Book - With paper, needle and thread, We will show you how to make this Dance note book.

Dandelion Coffee -

Decretive Bottle - We will show you how to put a beaded collar/shawl on a bottle you can use for many different things, so if you want bring a bottle you would want to decorate.

Dominos - Play along while you learn all about the game of dominos. We will show you how it just doesn’t always have to add up.  


Dutch Oven Cooking ~  will take the mystery out of Dutch Oven cooking. You will learn about seasoning the Dutch Oven, how to control the temperature, when to add ingredients, and how to clean a Dutch Oven. 

Dutch Oven Raised Rolls - Want to make the perfect raised rolls every time? We will have you making delicious raised rolls in a Dutch Oven.

Embroidery - will help you practice the basics of embroidery during this one hr. seminar.

Embroidery Apron ~ Lone Wolf Woman would like to introduce you to embroidery with a small dressy apron in muslin...using 3-5 different decorative embroidery stitches.  The aprons will be already sewn, and you will be applling the stitches you learn.

Embroidered Wall Sampler~ will be showing you several stitches to create a wall sampler. It is always good to learn a few more stitches.

Felting will be showing you how to felt a Baby Moc.  You will end up with a bar of soap that is fully cover in felted wool that will scrub your hands clean or a Baby Moc you can embelish.  Knowing these women it will be a very fun class.

Fabric Identification - Ever wondered if a fabric was cotton, wool or polyester?  We will take you through the steps of finding out the easy way.

Feather Hair Ties ~  ~ will be show us how to make beautiful hair ties with feathers to move in the breeze to decorate our hair.

Felted Soap BaR~ ~will be showing you how to felt a bar of soap,  you will end up with a bar of soap that is fully cover in felted wool that will scrub your hands clean. Knowing these women it will be a very fun class.

Finish Projects and Conversation ~ Ok ladies along with all of our classes we are also going to have a class for those of you that didn't get the chance to finish up those projects from years passed.  So please bring anything you want to finish and don't forget your scissors and simple sewing kit.

Filet Crochet We will instruct you in this fast and useful type of crochet that results in a sturdy lace type material you can use for trim, curtains and even lap robes. We will help you get a coaster/doily made in this class.   Y must have done basic crochet

Fire Starting  - We will show you how to make char cloth. You will have a chance to see how you can create fire with a little char cloth, tinder, flint and steel, and then give it a try yourself. A warm and cozy lesson.

Flat Peyote Stitch We will help you create an item in flat peyote (aka gourd stitch).  They are lovely stitches to learn because not only can you do flat pieces once you have learned them but you can also cover round objects like handles. 

Flint Knapping - We will show you the art of flint knapping in this seminar.  

Flutes - Ever had any curiosity, about the Native American Flutes?  How their played, What makes them each sound unique,  Why there is such a range of woods and prices?  Then this is the seminar for you. We will take some of the mystery  out of these beautiful flutes, and leave just enough mystery in that you can still enjoy their haunting sound.  Y If you have a Native American Flute  please bring it to this seminar. 

Four strand Braid - Most braids are flat. We are going to show you how to make a round one with 4 strands.

4 Yard Skirt -

Free Form Pouch~~Sparrow Hawk will have you thinking out side the box and lines. There is no picture for this class as every pouch is as different as the imagination of its creator.

Fry Bread Demo - Watch as we make Fry Bread and stay around to sample the goods.

Game of Graces - A game of grace played with a beribboned hoop and sticks. Susie will not only show you how to make the pieces, but also how to play the game gracefully.

Gemstone Identification - Is it a rock or a precious gemstone? Learn how to tell the difference in this seminar.  

Gillies will walk you through making your own gillies / footwear. Also note that if this one of your top picks PLEASE note shoe size on pre registration form.  Y If this is one of your preferences please state your shoe size on the registration form. $ 20.00 Also limited to age 13+

 Gourd ~ will have your hands clean and your interest peaked as you learn how to clean, prepare and make a useful item in this class all about gourds. Y Adults only 

 Gourd Stitch Beading - We will show you how to do this very useful beading technique.  Also known as the Peyote Stitch.

 Hair Sticks -  We will have you making these Round Gourd / Peyote Stitch Hair Sticks in this class.  Always a fun and informative class.

 Hair Wrap- We will be teaching a class on hair wraps/ties. They will be using feathers, leather and beads to make a simple tie to hold their hair and use as decoration.

Hammer Dulcimer -

Hand Balm~ ~will be showing you how to make a Hand Balm that is actually good all over.

Hoop Earrings ~ ~

Handle Snuggy - Made of wool and Leather, this handle snuggy will keep you from burning your hand on the handle of your skillet.  It fits on the handle of your skillet so that when you grab it from the fire you won’t burn your hand.  Ages 13 and up


Hard TackWe would like to present a class on manufacturing hardtack, flour being the main ingrediant this is a time period travel food.  She will also discuss the preparation of dried beef and hand out samples(with and without salt) that is purely and simply beef, not spiced jerky.

Hawk Cover & Carrier - Want to have your hands free while you carry your hawk?  Don't want the blade to snag on things anymore?  We have a handy dandy cover for you to make for your hawk .  Y Adults only

Hide/Pelt Identification - Think fur hides look the same?  We will help you I.D. them in this informal hands-on class.

Historical Context ~ ~This class will help you to discover how to do the research to keep you historical reenactment in context. 

History of Pen and Ink - Dip your pen in the ink and learn what it was like to write while continually dipping into the ink. It almost naturally becomes calligraphy due to the tip on the pen and the flow of the ink. Let us show you how to do this beautiful writing.

History of Rendezvous -

Hudson's Bay Company Women's Talk - We will pass on her knowledge about the laboring class women at Fort Nisqually. Questions are welcomed and happily answered.

Ice Cream Making While Camping - Learn to make this delicious treat  while you are in the wilderness.

Inkle Loom ~ Making One ~This class will be limited so make sure it is your number 1 pick on your pre registration form. You will be making one to take home.  Y $15 and must be 16+ years  to take Y 

Inkle Loom - - Try your hand at weaving on an inkle loom. We will guide you through the steps.  

Insect Repellent ~  ~Don't like all the chemicals in the over the counter repellent you buy at the store, Knee Walker will show you how to make your own with natural ingredients.

Intermediate Knitting - Using two colors of yarn to create the design when you are knitting. We will have you happy with your knitted project.  Y that have prior knitting experience 

Japanese Cording -

Jerky & More Demo -Love Jerky but hate the price?  How about dehydrated Vegetables or Fruit? We will demonstrate how to make jerky, Fruit and Veggies so that you can make it at home and have it for your camping & hiking or just to enjoy as a snack at home.

Journal Making ~ Ever want to write down a recipe, directions, your thoughts or someone's contact info and don't have anything to write on and would like to keep it time period correct so that you can have it out while you are at rendezvous? is going to have you making a small one of your own and show different ways to bind them so that you will have a journal that is uniquely your own.

Knife & Hawk - Do you want to hit the target? How about sticking the tomahawk or knife? Let Little Bit show you the stance, grip, and other basics of the art of throwing a tomahawk and knife.  Y If you have a throwing knife & tomahawk, please bring them to class. We will have a limited supply available.

Knitted Flowers ~ us show you how to make these wonderful knitted flowers.  They can be applied to other items or used for small doilies.  doilies. Y Prior knitting experience needed.

Knitted Lace - you love the look of lace?  Let us show you how to make that lacey look with knitting.Lace knitting is a style of knitting characterized by stable "holes" in the knitting arranged with a pretty pattern in mind. Y Please no children and prior experience required (You must be able to knit and purl)

Knitted Socks - Can't find your socks? Well, this is the class for you. Learn how to knit a pair of socks to fit your tootsies. We will get you to the point where all you have to do is finish the height of the sock.  

Knitted Wash Cloth  - - We will show you how to make a wash cloth using basic knitting stitches.

Knotless Weaving - are excited to show you how to weave a necklace that incorporates a small object without using any knots.   Y Bring a favorite small object or stone.

Kurok Bear Grass Bead - - We will show you how to take two pieces of bear grass and weave them over a thin stick (so that there is a channel to string it on after it is completed and dry).  It looks a bit like a simple hair braid  that tapers.  Bear grass is wide at the bottom and tapers to the top and the bead follows.

Laundry Soap  ~ will help show you how to make homemade liquid laundry soap.

Leather Cabochon Bag~ would like to do the leather amulet bag, with out fringe.. but you have the option to do so..Also she will show you how to add a cabochon.

Loom Weaving ~  ~  show you how to weave Different shapes, and you will leave the class with a new flap to put on a bag.  She will also show you some of the different kinds of looms that can be woven on.

Lotion Bars & Healing Salves ~  will help you to understand the different healing salves and help you make lotion bars and healing salves

Lavender Wand- -Let Little Bit show you how to take lavender stems and ribbon and weave it all together to make a beautifully scented stick.

Leather Bag - You can never have too many places to store things. Make your own leather bag in this seminar.

Leather Working - Leather make you nervous?  Don't know what leather to use for what project?  Want to stop your man from having leather plumber pants after he wears them a while.  We will impart our knowledge so you have a new-found peace-of-mind regarding leather.

Lewis & Clark Herbal Remedies - We've all heard of Lewis and Clark, but do you know how they cured their ill's or eased their pain during their adventure?  We will impart some of our knowledge in this seminar.  

Loom Beading - We will help you understand how to string the loom and how to loom the beads onto it so that they stay.  She will also discuss how to get a pattern and how to tie off when done.

Lucette~ ~will show you how to use the Lucette to make a square braid that can be used for trim or cording. Y Adults only please

 Lye soap making Demo - Watch and learn how to make lye soap.

Macramé Necklace - We will show you all of the knots to make this necklace, while keeping yourself out of knots.  

Medicine Bear Blessing Pouch-

Medicine Wheel and Native American History - Learn Native American History from another perspective. Also,  Knowledge of the Native American medicine wheel will be passed on in this seminar. We will discuss what the directions mean and what the different colors represent. There will be time for questions and answers, too.

Mending & Darning -  - Got a rip in that dress? Got a hole in those socks? We will show you how to fix those items. Bring your damaged item, thread to match and your sense of fun.  If you are bringing a sock or other knitted item, please bring yarn that matches both in color and size. Y Please bring scissors and simple sewing kit.

Mini Ceremonial Drum - will Demo how to make a mini Ceremonial Drum.  If you like what you see, you can then go home with the knowledge to make your own.

Mini Moccasins - Try your hand at making tiny "Mocs." Once you have this technique down you can make your own any time.

Mop Cap ~ ~ will be showing you how to make this wonderful mop cap. It is a must have , you will be wishing you had one for every bad hair day.  If you have a Sewing machine you are welcome to bring it.

Needle Book~ a place to keep your needles and pins?  Many Names will show you how to make this very nice needle book.

Quill Pens ~ ~Every wondered how the wrote in the Mountain Man era? They did it with Quill Pens and is going to show you how to use this interesting writing instruments.  Y Adults Only 

Ribbon Pouch~ ~will show you how take beautiful ribbon and make a pretty pouch.

Moccasin Slippers - how to make moccasins using wool during this seminar.  Measuring will be covered, bring your own leather if you want to make lather moccasins.

Mulling Spices ~ We are going to show you how to craft some different hot drinks for those cold nights . To "Mull" means to infuse spices. So if your looking for something different to drink (be it hot or cold) check out this century old tradition.

Native American Costumes -

Native Dress Styles ~~Just as there are many tribes there are also many styles of dress for the native woman.   will share their knowledge on the different styles.

Native Symbols and Meanings -

Natural Dyes - We are sharing our knowledge of natural dyes. You may be amazed at what items make what colors on the fabrics.

Neck Knife Sheath - Make this sheath so you can have that small knife safely on hand.

Needle Felting We will show you how to take some roving & a needle & apply it to fabric to make wonderful designs.

Needle Point We will help you do this traditional stitch.

Nippers Pouch - - Always looking for something to nip the threads when you are doing needle crafts? will show you how to make a quick and easy pouch with nippers to hang around your neck. You will always have your nippers handy when you need them. Y Ages 16 and up.


Off Loom Beading ~ ~  ~will show you how to do beadwork that looks like it was done on a loom , but wasn't.  No need to have a loom around to make work to put on  your items.  An added benefit is that if a bead comes lose the whole thing doesn’t fall apart.

Paper Making Demo~ Want to know how to make paper?  A very useful item.  You can make cards, do Art Work, use it in journals.   is going to do a Demo showing you how to make Paper so that if you like it you can go home with the knowledge of how to make your own.

Paper Piecing / ENGLISH- Piecing is a tried and true craft that has stood the test of time.  It is used these days to make Quilt designs but can be used for many different applications.  Debra would like to show you what she knows of this craft.

Puzzle Pouch ~ will show you how to puzzle out this pouch that locks to hold your goodies.  Natives that made this pouch were the Iroquois and other Woodland Indians

Pack-In / Trekking - We will be giving a seminar on how and what to pack when going to a pack-in rendezvous. 

Paper Flute~ We will show you how to make a flute out of paper (envelope) so you can dance to your own music.

Paper Quilling - We will demonstrates this very popular pre-1840 craft. Ladies used this method for creating place settings and cards. It is thin colored paper that is twisted and bent to form shapes. These shapes were then attached to the cards. You will have a chance to try this craft and leave with a nice card.

Par Fletch Envelope - Make a no-stitch par fletch envelope in this seminar.  You will also have a chance to paint this envelope.  

Parched Corn- to snack?  Want to know how to make a truly native and tasty snack?  Let us show you how to make this snack that everyone loves to eat.

Patch Pouch- you need a place to keep all of your shooting patches neat and in one place so that you know where they are when you are shooting?  We have the neatest little pouch that she will show you how to make in this class.  Y Ages 16 and up.

Patchwork Pouch - taking  scrap leather and making a free form bag. 

Period Beverages ~ is going to be showing you how to make your own Pre 1840 beverages. Learn to make tasty and refreshing period drinks, including shrub, syllabub, and cardinal or bishop.


Period Music - Want to know the music that was played and sang during this time period?  let us share our knowledge of the music of the time period with you.  It might come in handy during the council fire.

Personal Remedies & Cleaners ~ Ball Buster will show you how to use the products you find in your own home to make personal remedies & cleaners.

Pin Cushion - We will teach you how to make a pin cushion out of a bottle cap, bits of felt and a few stitches.  This item  will be small enough to put in any space you want.

Pine Needle Basket - Do you love the look of pine needle baskets? We will teach you the way to do these beautiful baskets. YAdults Only

Pine Needle Coaster -

Pistol  - We begin with gun safety, the most important thing you can learn.  Also, keeping your gun clean is part of the safe operation of every gun. Learn what you need to be safe and take care of your guns. If you know how to shoot, but are having trouble hitting the target or being consistent, this one's for you. We will help you with the fundamentals of shooting, watch you shoot, and help you get on target. Bring your own pistol or use ours. Y Ages 16 and up.

Playing per 1840 Games -

Pocket- Did you know that pockets were not sewn into early garments? Make your own pocket to wear with your period-correct clothing. We will help you get this handy item cut and sewn together, and soon you will have a place to carry all sorts of items.  Age 13 and up

Potpourri- Taking dried flower and herbs and mixing them together to have color and scent in the cooler season.

Pot Holder~ ~  is going to show you how to make this wonderful hot pad out of leather and wool.  With this you may not burn your fingers and it even has a loop at the top so you can hang it from your fire irons with.

Pottery~   ~ Do you want to know the difference between a pinch pot and a coil pot?  Different techniques to make pots and work with clay? will show you the differencesThis is a informational class were you will work with the clay but not have a project to take home.

Primitive Knitting ~ We wants to teach you how to do primitive knitting. It is perfect for those of you that just can't seem to get regular knitting or even crocheting down, and even if you can already knit or crochet you too might like to lean something new.

Preserving Food - Ever wondered how they managed to have a variety of food in the winters of Pre-1840? Happy Woman has some facts she wants to pass along. You will also make a tasty snack of parched corn.  

Porcupine Hair Dangle ~ ~ We will show you how to take beads & porcupine dangles for you hair.

Possible Bag -

Pottery Discussion- Do you want to know the difference between a pinch pot and a coil pot?  Different techniques to make pots and work with clay? Our expert in all things clay will discuss ways to use clay with you.

Primitive Kite - Let's go fly a kite like they did many years ago. You will make a primitive kite in this seminar.   

Pysanky ~ - (Ukrainian dyed eggs) - We will show you how to use a wax-resist dye process to create beautiful designs and meaningful messages on these decorated eggs.

Rope Making ~ ~  - Yellow Squirrel will be showing us how to make that ever useful thing that we call rope.  A quick and easy class.

Sprong Weaving~ ~  Take some twinges and make a frame then aply some fiber and start learning how to weave from both the top and the bottom.  This class will have you toppsy turvey.

Stamp Printing ~ ~ will be showing you how they stamped cloth and cards to enhance thier lives.  you will take an original that you have made on your own.

Talking Stick ~ Ever wanted to say your piece and can't get a word in edge wise? Well here is a class for you. Roxie will be showing you how to make and use a talking stick.

Tea Bag Float~ Burning Blanket will show you how to make a tea bag and float so that your teabag can be easily removed from your cup after it is done steeping.

Turtle Bag ~We will teach you how to take a turtle shell, some leather and beads and turn it into a bag that is both interesting and useful. Y $? Additional for this class Y Adults only

Quilted Petticoat  ~ how to make this warm and essential accoutrement.

Quillwork- A truly traditional decoration, porcupine quills were used before beads to decorate items. Learn how to handle the porcupine's quills to embellish your wardrobe. We will help you do some of the stitches in this class. YAdults Only

Quiver Basket - - Arrows and archers need a quiver. As beautiful as it is useful, We will shows you how to construct and complete a quiver for yourself or as a great gift for your Mountain Archer.  Y Age 13 and up


Quilt Square - Learn Quilting skills as you complete your first quilt square.  We will keep you squared up.   

Rag Doll~ - While crossing the frontier, there wasn't much to make dolls out of . But with the women's ingenuity, the rag doll was created.  We will show you how to make a doll from rags you, your kids or you grandkids.

Rawhide Case with Awl - We are doing this seminar on making a rawhide case for an awl with an awl. When all's done, you will have it awl case with awl.    

Rawhide Rattle- Want to make some noise at the council fire?  We are going to share our knowledge of rattle making and you should leave the class with a noise maker of your own. Y Adults only 

Ribbon Dress  - If you want a quick and easy outfit to wear, this is it. We will help you make and adjust the dress and leggings for a perfect fit. Bring 3 1/2 yards of fabric. Y Age 16 and up and knowledge of sewing please


Ribbon Work - - Silk ribbons in many bright hughs were traded to the natives and they used them to  add color patterns to their garments.   decided to do some research and now she will share what she has learned with you. Y Ages 16 and up. 

Red Work Embroidery - Imagine a red outlined sketch on a white background and you can imagine what red work looks like. Now is your chance to try it for yourself. We will show you the techniques to make a wonderful red work project.  

Reverse Wrap Twine - Watch and then try your hand at this interesting method for making twine.  

ROPE MAKING ~ ~ Yellow Squirrel will be showing us how to make that ever useful thing that we call rope.  A quick and easy class.

Round Pouch - We will give you a hand as you make a round pouch.  

Rug Braiding - Learn the beautiful art of rug braiding. Lee says this is one of those near-ideal down-home crafts.

Rug Hooking - We will be showing the technique of rug hooking with wool.  She is going to start you off with something small but once you get the basics done you'll be off and running creating your own masterpieces.

Short Gown/Colonial Coat to be stylin' ?  Kathy Evens has just the coat for you.  You will Learn all about this coat and the different materials it can be made of and the different outfits it can enhance.  "Do you need a historic coat, or have a short gown that isn't quite right? Katherine will describe short gown variations, have you try on examples to check your sizing, and problem solve construction or fitting issues on your own short gown. Bring your constructed coats. If you want trace off a pattern, bring pattern paper, paper shears, tape, pencil, eraser, and pencil sharpener. Adults only please." You will not be making a coat in class.

Shuttle Tatting~ show you how to take a shuttle and tat which is a way of making lace edging.

SIMPLE KNITTED FINGER GLOVES ~ will show you how to make some easily done gloves.

Story telling~ ~ Let  tell you some Native American tale and also how to tell a really good Tall Tail.

Scented Pouch ~ Learn how to make this wonderful pouch that you fill with herb and scented wild flowers and decorated with beading.

Scrimshaw - Let us show you the ancient art of etching on bone or antler.  

Scissor Pouch Most crafts need scissors. Where do you put them? We will show you were with this leather and beaded handy pouch. Y Adults only

Seaweed Rattle - Learn how to make and embellish a rattle used for dance and ceremonies by the Cumash tribes in Southern California made from seaweed available all along the West Coast. Y Ages 16 and up.

Setting up a Primitive Camp -

Shell Etching-A shell, a design, a little vinegar and some time and effort and you will have a relief etched shell. We will share her knowledge of this art.

Snood - We will show you an easy way to keep your hair in place. Make this netted hair accessory known as a snood. You need to have basic crochet skills to take this class.

Soapstone Carving - We will give you a demonstration in the art of carving stone. Then, you will have a chance to make your mark.

Soap Making - us show you how to make soap to keep yourself clean.

Spinning -

Split Drawers -  

Strap Dress ~ ~will be helping you make a strap dress and sleeve cover.

Stitching Leather - Ever wondered what stitches to us on the different types of seams used when sewing leather?  Well we will have you in stitches in no time in this informative class. Y Ages 16 and up.

Striker Pouch - We will be showing you how to build your own Striker Pouch.

Taffy Pull - Good old fashioned fun.  Ever wondered how that taffy gets its texture and chew? Remember this from childhood?  Here is your chance to make some sweet chewy candy, and eat it too.

Thimble Earrings Let us show you how to take thimbles, some beads and create earrings you can walk out of the class wearing.

Trade Silver ~  ~You've seen the silver pins that some of the Ladies wear on their skirts, tops and coats.   wears them and will be showing you how to beat your way to having one of your own.

Twine - Take fibers and twist them together and you get twine.  If you would like to learn the twist and turns of making twine Barefoot Anne will show you the way.

3 Sisters- Sisters is a native story about growing and preserving food that still applies today.  We know a version of the story and would like to share it with you.

Trims & Ribbons - We are going to show you how to use trims and ribbons on clothing and accessories.

Tin Lamp - We never have enough lanterns to protect our flame. You'll learn how to convert a tin can into an attractive  punched tin lamp.

Tipi Etiquette - Did you know there is a way to "knock" on a lodge? Do you know which direction to go when you are invited to enter a tipi? We will explain the etiquette of being around and in a tipi.  

Totem Pouch -  In this class we will show you how to  Make and Bead a Totem pouch.  Y Adults only 

Toys - Do you know what toys children played with long ago? We will show you some of her favorites.

Turned Feathers-

Turtle Bag - - We will teach you how to take a turtle shell, some leather and beads and turn it into a bag that is both interesting and useful.  Y $? Additional for this class  Y Adults only 

Twine Bag - - We will show you how to do an Eastern Woodland style Twine bag. Easy but time consuming way to make a beautiful bag using cordage and wool yarn.

Using Essential Oils ~ Using essential oils for health and wellness, was one of the ways they had to stay healthy before modern medicine.  Come and learn some of the essentials with Pamela Vogt.

Wagon Wheel Rug~ We have agreed to demonstrate  how to weave a rug on a wagon wheel. There will be small frames and a larger one for hands on  experience.  Since this is a time intensive project, many hands make faster work and we encourage any to drop by and work on the large one for a bit.

Walnut Dye Be sure to take notes during this demo. We will show you the tricks and techniques of making your own dye with black walnuts.  We will also show you some of the different tones you can get on different materials. 

Waterproofing Canvas -  Tired of you canvas leaking?  Let us show you how to stop the wet sagging canvas look. Y Weather dependent

Wild Edibles - - We will be taking you out for a nature walk , but for this nature walk you won't need to pack a lunch as Fern will be showing you all the wonderful things that are around for you to eat. 

Wire Beaded Pin ~ ~  will have you making a beaded wire pin with a few twists and turns in no time using wire and beads.

Wire Wrapping-Create a special piece of jewelry using a wire wrapping technique.

Wooden Dolls - Try your hand at making different styles of wooden dolls. We will show you both a Prairie and Indian style.

Woodland Skirt Demo~  ~ will talk about the woodland skirts ease to make and the different outfits and styles it can be worn and decorated with.

Wool Bag ~ ~ is going to show you how take a old wool Sweater and make a useful pretty bag.

Wool Cap -We will be showing you how to make this wonderful wool cap to keep not only your head warm, but once you know how you can make one for every member of your family.

Wool leggings*- We will teach you to make some simple wool leggings with some machine sewing, some hand sewing, and decorating during this seminar. The wool will be provided. *Bring your own decorations or you may purchase them from the traders.  

Wool Pouch - Make a warm and cozy pouch in which to keep your special items.





Past Wonderful Activities


Free to a Good Lodge

We will have a place for those of you that have gently used items that you no longer have need of and are wishing to give them away to a new lodge that is in need of said item.

All we ask is that the new lodge is were it is need and it is not just being picked up for resale. So if you have any items that you wish to donate please bring them along.



So know that you have gotten rid of the things for free, or traded for something you like better at the Round Robin, we have one more way to unload the stuff in the lodge that you have hauled from rondy to rondy and just haven't been able to part with. Yes Sparrow Hawk will have an area at YaTaHai Beads and Buckskin She has generously offered to set aside an area (that is a small area) in her Trade Tent for those of you that have items you wish to sell. Please keep in mind that the space is limited, and if it doesn't sell to pick it up Sunday before brake down begins, anything left behind will then belong to Sparrow Hawk.


Dutch Oven Contest

This is for those of you that love to cook in a Dutch oven. Whether you cook main dishes, deserts, or breads, etcetera, we would love you to bring your Dutch oven along  and cook an item. Please present with the description and if possible the recipe. This year the Frist Time Attendees will be our Judges.

Canning Contest

For those of you that can at home, this is you chance to bring 1 jar of each item limited to 3 items of you own home canned goods.

Granny's Closet

Our Granny's closet has a number of out fits that we offer to those of you that want to join in the fun for the weekend.  We ask that all attendees ware period correct clothing from top to bottom. Thank You

Bread Baking /Cooking

This is a contest to show off your bread baking / cooking skills.  You can bake/cook it at /in camp. Your wonderful bread will be judged and included with our pot luck Saturday nigh.

Seneca Run for Young Ladies

Make a tripod, grab a bell, shoot standing, shoot off bench, shoot using cross sticks, throw a frying pan and run back and hang your bell on tripod and ring it. Bring your own gun or we can supply one.  This is a timed event.


Round Robin

Round Robin -is a trading event where you put an item on the blanket that you would like to trade and give some of its history, such as what it is , was it made or where you got it etc. and if anyone or more likes what they see they put their item (s) out and explain it.  If you like anything you see you trade with that person and say fair trade.  If you don't like anything that was put out then you say no trade and we move on to the next item for trade.  It can be a lot of fun to see what people have to trade and what they are willing to trade for, which sometimes can be quite surprising.  It can also be a good way to pick up items you like or might need.   Money & Candy[unless homemade] are NOT a trade items.

Scavenger Hunt

This will not only be fun but interesting, if you don't come you will miss the fun.