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May 18th-20th, 2018 Classes
These seminars are to give you the knowledge to make the project later, with the materials and colors of your choice.  Our supply's in class may not be your color choice, but you do get the knowledge of how to do the project in a cost effective way so we can keep the cost down.

Please Read each class description so you will know if it is something you want to learn or improve on.  Also by reading the descriptions you will have everything you need for you class and will not be disappointed by being unprepared.

Please keep checking back with us as not all instructors have decided what they want to teach this Year MOST OF OUR CLASSES ARE LIMITED IN SIZE.

The pictures that are with the descriptions are approximate examples of item's Due to hand made nature each will be different. Please note  Y $ ?  annotates an Age, Knowledge, Equipment requirement or an extra charge. If you have any questions please contact: 

Kim aka Comes Lately at 253-326-5420 or at


 Wonderful Activities


Pot Luck

Camp Fire

Baked Pie Contest

Fry Bread

Seneca Run

Fashion Show


Some Classes we are looking at offering


Archery  Linda will have you shooting the bulls eye in no time at all, ok so you will be close.

Bead History  Sparrow Hawk will share her wisdom of beads.

Beaded Bracelet Burning Blanket is going to have you making a beaded bracelet using the Herring Bone Stitch.

Beaded Chain   Jenn will be teaching us how to make a beaded chain. It can be made into a necklace, bracelet or anything else that needs a chain. Dependent only on how hard people want to work.

Beading Around a Stone Emil will show you how to bead with a stone at the center of your creation. 

Belts   The Queen & ShortCake are going to having you think outside the box with these one of a kind belts.

Blacksmithing  Hot Ass has discovered the love of blacksmithing and is going to show you the ins and outs. She is doing S hooks that are most useful.

Canvas Rug Hucks Hawk is again doing her painted canvas rug. So if you missed it last year and happened to see the wonderful results, don't miss it this year.

Cathedral Quilt   Joe will have you falling in love with these quilt squares. Don't have a sewing machine, that's ok because you don't need one.

Cockade Applique After you have taken Jen's class you will be decorating everything from your hat to your shoes and everything in between .

Cooking a Turkey in Clay Many Names is doing a demo.

Dance Donna will have you up and dancing in no time at all.

Drop Spindle Jamie will be having you spinning roving into yarn, If you have a drop spindle please bring it, if not not to worry we have one with your name on it.

Embroidery Debra will give an overview of popular embroidery styles of the period and teach basic stitches that can be used in many projects. Supplies will be provided or bring even weave cloth, embroidery floss, needles and scissors.

English Paper Piecing   Debra is showing a different technic of quilting. Ah the things you will be able to do with this one.

Felt Applique   Ball Buster is having a bit of a time trying to think of what you can use this felt applique on. As of now she is not sure what you will be taking home with you. Be it a scissor pouch, pocket, belt cover...... the list is endless.

Felted Soap Carrie and Becky's class is a clean one. They will have you taking a bar of soap and putting a wonderful cover over it and you will be one of the few with really clean hands when all is done.

Finger Weaving    Donna is going to have your fingers busy, busy, busy and in the end you will have created something wonderful.

Folded Star   TeeHeeHee can fold paper 3 times and end up with a star, and by the end of her class you to will able to also.

Gourds  You will not believe what you can make out of a Gourd. Come join Linda and let your hands do some wonderful things.

Hat Decorating Pretty Patty likes pretty things including hats. She will make sure that your hat is pretty too.

Horse Shoe Art   Sue has a knack for taking a plain old horse shoe and tuning it into a work of art.

Hot Pads Bare Foot Annie & Chickadee have the plans for hot pads that will help you from not getting your fingers burnt. Come join them in either knitting or crocheting your own hot pads. If you knit or crochet great, but if not, not to worry she will have you crocheting one .

 Journal Making Sherrie will have you making your own journal so you can make notes on your classes and other thoughts.

Knife Sharping Image result for knife with wood handle Heather will show you how to sharpen knives and the different types of steel.

Knot Tying Skirts Afire wants to make sure that your lodge poles don't ever fall off your wagon so she will have you tying the knots that work best.

Lantern Mindy will show you what you can do with 2 pieces of wood and some rope, ok so you will also need a chimney, a candle, and a match.

Leather Pouch Lynn is not only having you make a pouch but will show you how to use the proper tools.

Meat Smoking Christy will have you persevering your meat in this most delicious way.

Medicinal Herbal Lotion   Heidi knows how important medicinal and herbal lotions can be. So she wants you to be able to make your own.

Mini Basket How to make Miniature Baskets:   Many Names will having you do a most wonderful little basket that you will love for years to come. 

Miniature Butterfly Shirt  Image result for native american butterfly shirt Sparrow Hawk will be showing you the technique to making a Butterfly Shirt that in the end will fit a Teddy Bear or Doll.

Rifle & Pistol   Maureen knows how important safety is when handling fire arms is. So if you ever wanted to be able to shot and more importantly how to be safe please join Maureen on the range.  

Sewing Kit    Roxie has come up with her own pattern for a very handy and useful sewing kit.

Silk Embroidery Carrie and Becky will have you working with silk embroidery and creating a work of art.

Sugar Scrub Ball Buster wants everyone to be sweet and clean and she will show you how with a little bit of sugar and other secret ingredients how to blend them all together to make your own scrub. 

Thimble Earrings Jeannette will be teaching Everyone will want a pair of these cute accessories. Walk away with a beautiful set of one of a kind earrings

Trekking Bag Thinking of going on a trek this summer? Then Linda 's Trekking bag is just the thing you need.

Tulip Bag   Bare Foot Annie has this wonderful bag that is so very handy for carrying everything from your change to your knitting in. Don't go by the picture, as this one ShortCake made to look like a strawberry.

Whacking Stick Ok so this one has me intrigued, not sure what it is going to look like but I think it is a class I want to take.

WPS Orientation 101 This is a very important class for all first time attendees to our event. ShortCake will be talking over the layout, procedures, rules and expectations of the event.  Please bring your questions. Open to all attendees.


   If you are interested in being an Instructor please contact: Kim aka Comes Lately at 253-326-5420 or at


2018 Wonderful Activities


A Social Event held in the Primitive Camping area. Our LADIES ask you to join them in friendly swapping of fun and conversation.

Camp Fire

The camp fire area is a very busy spot. Not only do we have a camp fire in the evening but this is the spot of many fun activities. This is where the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Blessing of the Camp, and Evening socializing is and is not far from the potluck area, seminars and Traders Row (that's shopping ladies). It is the center of Primitive Camp. It is also a nice place just to sit and relax if the opportunity should arise.


We have a pot luck on both Friday and Saturday evenings. bring a dish, share a dish, is our motto.  If possible have recipe. We also ask that once the pot luck is over to make sure that your dish is picked up and if possible help to clean up the area so that we can continue to go on with the other wonderful activities of the evening.  The sooner everything is cleaned up and put away the sooner the fun can continue.

Baked Pie Contest

Join us for a pie cooking contest! What kind of pie can you make on site for our judges’ delight?

Prizes to be awarded.

     -These must be edible pies (not the drink).

     -Pie must be cooked on site using a period method (charcoal, wood fire, etc.)

     -Provide a label listing all ingredients

All pies must be at Chickadee’s tent on Saturday between 5 and 5:30pm.  The judges will taste the pies

and the remains will be shared as part of the potluck at 6pm.


Seneca Run 

Our Seneca Run this year will be held in the Primitive Camping Area. So bring your since of humor and have fun. At least join us and cheer on the participants.

Fashion Show

Our fashion show will cover the Native American, Colonial and the Métis. And how they are mixed.

 Fry Bread Demo

  Many Shots will show you how she makes Fry Bread and hopes you stay around to sample the goods.



 If you don't want to participate that is ok, but please do come and enjoy the fun around the camp fire.