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               May 18th-20th, 2018 Classes
 Our supply's in class may not be your color choice, but you do get the knowledge of how to do the project in a cost effective way so we can keep the cost down.

Please Read each class description so you will know if it is something you want to learn or improve on.  Also read to see if you need to bring something to class or if their are other requirements.

Please check back with us often as not all instructors have decided what they want to teach this Year MOST OF OUR CLASSES ARE LIMITED IN SIZE.

The pictures with the descriptions are approximate examples of item's. Due to hand made nature each will be different. Please note  Y $ ?  means an Age, Knowledge, Equipment requirement or an extra charge. If you have any questions please contact: 

Kim aka Comes Lately at 253-326-5420 or at


 Wonderful Activities


Pot Luck

Camp Fire

Fry Bread


Some Classes we are looking at offer.

Bog Coat  ~ Want to stay warm, but you don't want to wear a long capote? Let help you make an easier and less complicated alternative.  Bring a medium to light weight wool blanket or heavy yardage.  Heavy Cotton or linen works well, too. To determine the yardage needed;   Width is the largest measurement from wrist to wrist or around largest part of body (which ever is largest). Length is the measurement for waist up and over shoulder to bottom of coat (you determine length thigh or knee) Age 16 and up 


Blacksmithing  Hot Ass has discovered the love of blacksmithing and is going to show you the ins and outs.

Cedar Basket Necklace Renita will help you learn to weave your own cedar necklace with cedar and wax linen.

 Cockade Applique After you have taken Jen's class you will be decorating everything from your hat to your shoes and everything in between .

Easy Dutch Oven Technique Smokin is featuring ceramic inserts. Dutch oven techniques and simple dishes made for Saturday nights potluck.

 Fur Trade Era Embroidery Debra will have you explore embroidery styles and stitches popular in the late 1700's up to 1840. Materials are included. Possible uses include reticule, pocket front or traditional sampler.

Haversack   Pretty Patty is giving you the opportunity to create your very own personalized Haversack. You will look at several different styles. You will have a choice of canvas, wool, tapestry, or ticking to choose from. Midge will be assisting Pretty Patty and you.

Knot Tying Anne/Skirts Afire wants to make sure that your lodge poles don't ever fall off your wagon so she will have you tying the knots that work best.

Leather Pouch Lynn will have you making a pouch using the correct tools to make it.

Penny Rug  Renita/Ball Buster will you have you learn how to use scrap wool for hot pads, wall hangings and so much more.

Pot Holder Misty/Hucks Hawk is going to show you how to make this wonderful hot pad out of leather and wool.  With this you may not burn your fingers and it even has a loop at the top so you can hang it from your fire irons with.


Rondi Shirt   Mindy/Falls A Lot will be helping you to learn how to turn a regular shirt into a rondi shirt.

Tea Cozy EmEm/ Burning Blanket will have you wrapping your tea pot up so you can keep your tea a little warmer.

Three Yard Skirt  Emilie will show you how to turn 3 yard of fabric into a simple skirt.

Wool Slippers  All the steps to make a pair of simple of moccasins made out of wool, with insole. You will know the basics and a nice pair of slippers to take home.

WPS Orientation 101 This is a very important class for all first time attendees to our event. ShortCake will be talking over the layout, procedures, rules and expectations of the event.  Please bring your questions. Open to all attendees.

   If you are interested in being an Instructor please contact: Kim aka Comes Lately at 253-326-5420 or at


2018 Wonderful Activities


A Social Event held in the Primitive Camping area. Our LADIES ask you to join them in friendly swapping of fun and conversation.

Camp Fire

  It is the center of Primitive Camp. This is where the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Blessing of the Camp, and Evening socializing is and is not far from the potluck area, seminars and Traders Row (that's shopping ladies). It is also a nice place just to sit and relax if the opportunity should arise.


We have a pot luck on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Bring a dish.  We also ask that once the pot luck is over make sure that your dish is picked up.  The sooner everything is cleaned up and put away the sooner the fun can continue.

 Fry Bread Demo

  Many Shots will show you how she makes Fry Bread and hopes you stay around to sample the goods.